I finally drew Far Cry 3!Michiko, I always pictured her just crashing on the island and woopin ass to survived, but after derpy interactions with this amazing Citra I turned her into a Rakyat! o3o/

Oh I also decided to change the feathery tattoo on her lower body to a tribal like one that still looks a bit similar to her original.

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I felt like doodling Hatchin and Rita cause they’re my precious babies!

Hatchin doodle.


Hey guys, I’m happy to announce that I’m now accepting paypal commissions! But before you want to order, please read the rules below.

  • Opening dates and times are listed on the front page of my art blog.
  • You must EMAIL me if you’re interested in ordering to avoid the risk of tumblr eating messages. Email address will be provided below.
  • I do not offer WIPs or ‘do overs’. It’s very important to show me a visual character detail when you order. 
  • Although, if you don’t have a character and would like me to design you one, by all means go right ahead, just make sure you choose your price.
  • Animals are acceptable.
  • Porn or anything sexual related is not acceptable.
  • Full and highly detailed environments, mechs/gundams or automobiles are not acceptable.

Types of orders you can make

  • Original characters
  • Fan art characters (cartoon/comic, and live action)
  • crossovers
  • portraits
  • creatures, animals, poke’mon- things of that nature
  • I will gladly draw furries/anthros, androids and other fantasy related things.
  • Themes can be romantic (not overly sexual) nature of any sexual orientation.



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wOW look at that improvement.

arymus I don’t know why you liked my art back in the Jurassic period!


This is my part of the art trade skippocalypse you asked for bloody mad Mark, or just him chililn’ while smoking a cigarette and I was like… Why not both?? Sorry for taking so long, but I hope you like it!

and i swear to god if that certain unfollower reblogs or likes this i will flip a table.

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my hair will look like this. I don’t care if I have split ends, i just want really long hair for once in my life!

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Made a doodle of a very adorable girl I saw at church.

I changed my theme! :D

I haven’t drawn myself in a while.